Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I found out yesterday that one of my pals from Statesboro passed away. Cabbot Beasley. We weren`t extremely close, but I considered him a friend and drinking buddy. I started hanging out with him more right before I left for Japan earlier this year.

He was a cool guy. Friendly to everyone, hilarious sense of humor, and put on the best trivia night that I`ve ever been to.

If you were broke, he would share his beer with you. If you were at a party with creepy frat guys, he would protect you without being asked to. He was a good friend.

He wasn`t even 30 years old yet. I wish that I was home with everybody right now. Many of my friends were close to Cabbot. I won`t even recognize home when I get back.

Rest in peace, Cabbot. You will be missed.