Friday, May 13, 2011

the heat

Maybe you're wondering what I've been up to. Maybe you haven't.  I debated shutting down this blog the other day.  I don't know if this thing makes my life any better or if it harms me.  The Internet knows too much about me.  I've been staying off of Facebook as much as possible lately. I feel calmer when I stop caring about my virtual presence and focus on the real world.

Back in Georgia, I'm feeling the heat.  Wondering what my future will bring. I just want to focus on getting into grad school.  Instead, I have to focus on getting a job and finding a place to live.  I have a part-time job secured for the summer, but I know that I'll need more.

 Zack hasn't had much luck either. The economy is bad. Every day gets a little hotter. The high today is 94. My skin is darker than it's been in almost two years.

Other than the uncertainty, I'm doing okay.  Basking in the glow of familiarity and the little bit of time we have before the heat becomes completely unbearable. When there are no mild spring breezes to cut the humidity, and it hits us full force.  I know that day is coming, faster than I want it to, but I've realized that the best I can do for now is enjoy today. Sit inside the air conditioning, sip cold water, and watch the little red finger on the thermometer bob up and down.  Pray there are no tornadoes headed our way.  And think, for now, of how lucky I am.