Tuesday, March 29, 2011

just peachy

Since I got back to Georgia:

  • Tornadoes ripped through neighboring counties, and I had to flee from my friend's trailer when tornadoes were spotted in our area.  (I think tornadoes are better than earthquakes; at least you can see a tornado coming.)
  • My brother-in-law shot at bees with a gun while drinking beer.
  • I have eaten hummus, Mexican food, pizza, wheat bread, Twizzlers, and Easter candy.
  • I applied for a few jobs and haven't heard back from any.
  • I wondered why 95% of the people I saw at Wal-Mart were overweight and my brother-in-law showed me a jar of Baconnaise.  
  • I finally submitted my latest short story for publication.
  • I wore sun dresses and skirts until the freakish cold front set in (and brought with it hail and tornadoes).
  • I drove on the left side of the road for a second.  I never drove in Japan, but I was still confused.
  • I realized how amazing public transportation in Japan is.  I also realized how lovely and wide American roads are.
  • I miss my students and coworkers.
  • I've avidly followed the news and am shocked at how differently the U.S. media and the Japanese media are covering the nuclear situation.  I'm glad that the nuclear plant is more stable now, and I will continue to do what I can to support Japan.
  • I noticed how many cherry blossom trees there are in Georgia.
  • We found out that we will get refunds for our original flights out of Japan, since Zack and I both opted to take earlier flights.
  • I don't regret leaving when I did, but I do regret leaving without properly saying goodbye.
It's like I never left, and it's also like I was never here before.  I really do love the U.S. in all its disjointed madness.  Georgia is one of the weirdest places on the planet, so I am glad to be from there.  I kind of like knowing that I could go to a Turpentine Festival or buy pickled pigs' feet from a gas station if I really wanted to.

I plan on exploring my home state more this year as I apply for grad school.  I want to visit Flannery O'Connor's grave, the Georgia Guidestones, Cumberland Island, and possibly Tiger Ridge (for the Christmas lights).

I have a few more posts about Japan coming, too.  Hope you're doing peachy!

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