Monday, February 28, 2011

spring cleaning

It felt like spring this weekend.  I thought I should do some spring cleaning of my thoughts.

*I went for a run this weekend for the first time in months.  It felt amazing. I thought I`d be fine because of my winter jump rope regimen.  But the next day I did not feel amazing. 

*I started the quest for employment in Georgia yesterday.  I realized, while updating my resume, that I haven`t worked in food service in four years.  And I now have a whole year of grown-up work to put at the top of my "Work Experience" list.  It felt pretty good.  And then I realized that I was updating my resume to apply for a job at a water park in rural Georgia, and I didn`t feel pretty good any more.

*Lent starts soon.  I`m excited about abstaining from Facebook for 40 days.  I`ve started thinking about all the things I will do with those minutes that I spend checking people`s profile pictures. I hope that I can stop thinking about my life in terms of status updates and photo opportunities. 

*We have less than a month to go in Japan. I am at peace.  We are doing pretty good at this whole moving out thing.  We have not totally procrastinated this time.  Perhaps I will get my Grown-up Card in the mail soon.

*I`ve been reading more, but not necessarily good books.  One of my coworkers lent me a book by Jeffrey Deaver called The Bone Collector a while ago.  She lent me another Deaver book yesterday.  It`s rude to turn down something like that in Japan, so I took it home.  The books are basically like reading a TV show instead of watching it.  I just hope my latest short story doesn`t sound like an episode of CSI because of it.

*I am pounding away at another short story.  I now finish about 1 in every 2-3 stories that I start. It isn`t a great statistic, but it`s better than when I used to finish 0 stories.  My goal is to complete the story by the end of this week.  And I rediscovered a story I wrote in college that I`m also revising and hope to submit soon. 

*Thanks to everyone who prayed for my grandma. Her surgery went great, and she didn`t feel any pain.  Her diagnosis is so good that she doesn`t have to get chemo, just some radiation (which is still not fun, but not as awful as chemo). The doctors don`t think that the cancer has spread.  Hurray for answered prayers!

*I am also addicted to the website  It is hilarious.  Especially their series about the Internet Apocalypse.   

So that`s life lately.  I`m so happy that I`ll get to see you soon.

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