Monday, December 6, 2010

the beast has been slain

It's finished. The two-headed GRE beast has been slain. It was a formidable foe, but I was prepared for its tricks. The snarling Verbal head went down without bloodshed. The Quantitative head was also defeated, but just barely.

To combat this beast, I had to journey to Tokyo and lodge there. The city was full of monsters and ancient wonders.

a monster in Shinjuku

a karaoke demon

Meiji Shrine

the wonders of nature in the middle of the metropolis

The journey was long and hard. I journeyed alone with nary a plan to guide me.  I traveled many miles, through mountains and strange lands, to get there. I had to forage for food and navigate underground tunnels. I had to figure out how to read maps. I followed the mysterious runes and colors to find that which I sought.

On the morning of my battle, I had to escape the labyrinthine National Olympics Memorial Youth Center complex which housed my lodgings. But I found the legendary resting place of the beast in time, and battle commenced.

I also discovered a magical clothing shop by the name of "GAP." In this store, they call pants for halflings "leggings," but I saw through their trickery, and equipped myself with the supposed "leggings," which I knew to be proper-fitting pants.

Truly I will miss the magical land of Tokyo when my travels take me to another far away land. 

I will not miss training for this battle.

But alas, my training is never really done.  For when one monster is defeated, another, more terrible one will come up in its place.  My next foe will be more cunning and elusive than any I have encountered thus far.  The beast is called the MFA Gremlin.

Tonight, I will rest in the knowledge that for now, one more monster has been slain.  The other is still far away.  His flames cannot touch me yet.  When he comes, I will be ready.

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