Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I wrote a travel essay for YoMoYaMa Magazine, a free publication put out by the JET Program. You can read it here.  You have to flip through the virtual pages.  It`s on pages 8-10.

I wish I had revised it more.  Reading it now makes me cringe.  It has some good things, but I can tell that I should have spent more time on it.  At least it was a learning experience.  I`m disappointed with how the formatting came out.  It also lists my name as "Emily hayes," which makes no sense.  I probably won`t be submitting to YoMoYaMa again.  It`s not a bad publication, and the people who put it out are really busy and hardworking, but I really need to be compiling things for a portfolio and resume right now. I don`t have time for stuff like that. 

In other news, I`m almost done with a short story!  I got some good feedback from my online writers` workshop and am feeling motivated.  It`s a good day.

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