Thursday, November 18, 2010

The baby upstairs has been especially upset this week.  Maybe he is crying for the people of Haiti.  Maybe he is angry and confused about the fact that Sarah Palin has a reality TV show. 

But I think he is probably plotting against me.  Just like the neighbor beside us, who turns on his car at least 30 minutes before he has to leave each morning.  The car is parked right outside of the glass door of our bedroom.  And the baby`s parents are in on it, too. They feel it is their duty to move furniture around at 11 each night. 

I slept better last night than I have lately, but it still isn`t that peaceful, restful sleep that I hear so much about.  Chamomile tea can only do so much to soothe me when my ultimate enemy is my brain.  I just can`t seem to turn it off.  It`s like a TV constantly playing that can never be unplugged. 

Maybe I should look into meditation.

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