Thursday, November 11, 2010

things that are good

I want to do a picture post soon. Autumn has been beautiful so far. The tallest mountains are already covered in snow. Zack and I are going hiking this weekend while there are still red and yellow leaves on the trees.

I have great news! One of my former classmates, Alicia, decided to start an online writers` workshop for us graduates who need a little help. I think it will really, really help my writing. Getting feedback and having some sort of deadline is exactly what I need to keep submitting. I like having someone else look over my work before I send it off to an editor. Otherwise, I lose confidence and convince myself that it sucks. I hope that that won`t be any issue any more.

I also started another blog the other day. It`s an extension of my sporadic posts about activism. I want to take this blog seriously. My goal is to try and post in it once a week.

And we were able to go running last night. I  don`t want to give it up just because the marathon is over.  I`m not completely sure when our wedding will be, but I want to be in shape for it.  And for myself. I feel so much better when I exercise.  The sun goes down at about 4:30 in the afternoon, so it`s already dark by the time that I get home.  Zack and I plan on wearing some of those stylish face masks people wear when they`re sick so that our lungs don`t freeze while we run.  We tried to run sans mask the other day, and my throat felt awful.

I`m so excited about it snowing!  One of the teachers said that it might snow by the end of the month.  It will be freezing cold and make the walk to/from work more challenging, but I don`t care.  I find snow infinitely beautiful. 

And...we`re eating sushi and drinking wine tonight.  It`s a good day.

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