Thursday, October 21, 2010


Woo! I got a new follower. I feel special.

I also feel special because tomorrow is my birthday and I`m going to wear my princess skirt and look at pretty leaves in Ina and eat cake and drink fancy coffee and do my hair nice. I was going to get a new tattoo in honor of turning 25, but I realized that I might as well wait until I`m in the land of the decently priced tattoo again (it`s like $300 and up for a small tattoo in Japan). Zack has agreed to go shopping with me in Matsumoto one day so that I can get new pants and face stuff from the Body Shop.

I`ve barely blogged this month, and I wonder if next month will be any better. I take the GRE on December 5th so I`ll be cramming for pretty much the duration of November. November is also National Novel Writing Month, so I`ll have to decide if I want to participate this year or not.

A few students have written me "Happy Birthday" notes and I can`t tell you how happy that makes me. It`s the little things.

I promise to do an internet activism post soon! There are lots of good causes out there that need our help! Have a good day!

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