Sunday, October 17, 2010

obla-di, obla-da

I promise that I haven`t abandoned my blog. I`ve actually been really busy at work lately. There are weeks when I barely teach 10 or 15 classes, and then there are weeks when I teach 5 classes a day.

I`ve also been forcing myself to read my thick and intimidating GRE study book. According to the diagnostic test at the beginning of the book, I am mildly retarded. I really don`t have an impressive vocabulary and I don`t remember anything about math. So I`m determined to keep studying.

My writing has been going all right. I submitted a flash fiction story to some journals but I doubt that it will get published. I`m okay with that. I have something else that I`m working on. Obla-di, obla-da.

In addition to writing, studying for the GRE, and semi-training for the half-marathon which is now less than a week away, I have also had to plan activities for my classes. I started out the school year all perky and determined to be a super ALT, so now all the teachers expect me to have activities for almost every new Lesson that we start in the book.

So I`ve been busy. I managed to finally beat Level 20 of Dr. Mario this weekend however, so I`ve at least accomplished something. I`ve been too busy to even care that I will be 25 this Saturday. I don`t even care that I can`t drink on my birthday because it is the day before the half-marathon. (Well, I care a little. There is a punk show on my birthday that I probably can`t attend because the temptation to drink beer and get rowdy would be too great).

Chamomile tea has been helping me sleep at night. I`m still not a dead-person sleeper like Zack, but I`m doing much better. And that`s enough for now. On Saturday, I will eat so much cake that my cheeks puff out, and then I will run it all off in the marathon.

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