Wednesday, July 14, 2010

is it Friday yet?

If I don`t get a good night`s sleep soon, I`m going to shrivel into a little raisin person. Yesterday, even stolen coffee couldn`t help me. I was completely exhausted until it was bed time--then every tiny sound or change in temperature made me go crazy.

Two weeks to Bali. As usual, I am completely unprepared. I wonder if you grow out of procrastinating?

I`ve been working on a new short story since I submitted `Light as a Toy.` I honestly can`t tell if it sucks or not because I`ve been so absorbed in it. But I really hope to just finish it, sucking or not, tomorrow so that I can submit it somewhere. I`m going to let Zack read it first.

Internet searches have confirmed that Lady Gaga and the entire pop music industry are, in fact, working for the devil.

And I`m going camping this weekend. I was really excited until I realized that camping meant real in, no shower or toilet facilities any where. I love nature, but I also enjoy basic amenities. I feel like a middle schooler again because all I can think about is how disgusting my skin will look after two days of no face washing.

I`m also trying to get a performance of The Vagina Monologues organized in the Nagano area. I`ll keep you posted.

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  1. The Vagina Monologues will be so awesome! I'm glad you keep it up. It would be cool to do a RHPS just for old times too :)