Monday, July 26, 2010


I was looking at my friend Melanie's blog today. It's her attempt to get organized and figure out how to accomplish all of her goals.

I decided to do that too. At least the list-making part. And you have to read it! HAHAHA! You have no choice.

My goals, in no particular order:
1. Get at least 2 books published in my life (but hopefully more)--novel(s) and my memoir
2. Go to grad school for free dollars and do awesome at it
3. See lots of Europe and South America and hopefully more
4. Sing with a live band at least once
5. Have a great marriage that lasts my whole life
6. Volunteer for an animal charity, like Farm Sanctuary, and learn how to take care of animals
7. Have an organic garden and a house in the woods (I'm totally serious about this)
8. Master another language--probably Spanish
9. Get right with God somehow
10. Get those lines in my stomach that people get when they work out a lot
11. Be braver
12. Be vegan for at least a month
13. Go to New York and California and New England and hopefully live in one of those places
14. Go to the Iowa Writers' Workshop
15. Make the world a little better
16. Read at least 20 books a year

I guess that's all I have right now. I don't have my life together at all. I feel like other people have this secret that I don't have, like they get life memos every morning and someone forgets to put them in my box.

I bought my first pair of hiking boots yesterday. The boots are completely hideous but I guess that's the way with shoes made solely for function. In three days, I'm getting on a plane to Bali, where I'll bumble around for 2 weeks, getting lost and maybe having some fun along the way. It'll be sort of like my life in general, except that I'll have a guidebook in my hand and a pair of ugly shoes on my feet.

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