Tuesday, February 2, 2010

good things

I have finally been offered a job with Zack's company, A to Z Education! This will officially be my first Real Job, i.e. my first full-time job that pays a salary. A to Z is a great company, 100% not shady. Which I like.

I feel refueled. I'm the kind of person who needs something to look forward to, or some kind of timeline, to be okay. I can't stand the feeling of not having a purpose or a way to spend my time. I need structure to feel right. I guess all people do.

I'm going to begin a "get hot before returning to Japan" regimen this week. My friend, Lindsey, wants to take pin-up pictures of me soon for some new paintings she plans to create. I want to look my best, and I am currently far from that. I'm almost 25. It's really starting to sink in that I am not in those totally carefree days any more, where I can just drink and party and not sleep and eat crap and still look okay. I need to get in shape now, get into good habits, so that it won't be so hard when I really am old.

I'm actually considering being the designated driver for my friends on Wednesday. I figure that my DD karma is lacking and I really need to save money/calories by not drinking beer. so here goes.

Here's my other goal: to have some things published by the time I'm 25. I'm going to use what would be my beer money this month to submit to at least one literary journal this month. I can do this. Ganbatte!

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