Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It`s the time of year when I make a list of goals that I hope to accomplish in the year.  Here is my list for 2010. I`ll cross off the things I actually did.
1. Finish the novel that I started in Nanowrimo
2. Get a full time job in Japan
3. Never drink as much as I did on Halloween.
4. Be a better environmentalist/vegetarian.

5. Get pretty skin.
6. Start figuring out grad school and long term goals.
7. Plan a wedding.

I certainly didn`t accomplish number 1 but I am happy with where I am in terms of writing and planning for the future.  I also didn`t drink as much as I did last Halloween, which is pretty good, but I`m far from conquering my demons with alcohol.

So, here are my goals for 2011:
1. Get into grad school, preferably a fully-funded program.  (Did I mention that I rocked the GRE?  I got my scores online and I am quite happy with how I did on that analytical writing part and the verbal section. Now comes the hard part: creating an amazing writing sample.)
2.  Get at least 10 stories published.  It`s astounding that I actually finished some stories last year--3 total--but I only got one of them published.  I`m waiting to hear back about one of them, and the other was a flash fiction that I now regret submitting because it`s pretty bad.  But I am determined to get the hang of this completing-a-story-and-submitting-it-for-publication thing this year.
3. Figure out what I want out of life.  I have to do some soul searching this year.  I know I can`t possibly figure out every little thing that I want for myself, but I have to figure out a few things. This is the hardest part of being a grownup.
4. Run another half-marathon...or even a full marathon.  I still can`t believe how much I enjoyed running a half-marathon.  I really long for that sense of accomplishment again.  I want to run at least one more race, preferably for charity, this year.
5. Get in shape and get pretty skin.  I`m already working on this one!
6. Give to charity whenever possible. I didn`t donate to charity last year, and it makes me feel like crap.  This year, I plan on helping the world whenever possible.
7. Read.  A lot.  My first mission when I return to the US, after giving a million hugs, will be a trip to the library.  I haven`t been buying books because we`re heading home soon, and I am going crazy. 

I have another goal for myself that I`m keeping a secret for now, but I`ll tell you about it when I`ve accomplished it.  I am really happy about this goal. 

Oh yeah, and we finally reserved some plane tickets.  We will be Atlanta-bound on March 25.  I love Japan, but I cannot wait to be home.

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