Monday, January 17, 2011

power in a time of helplessness

I don`t want to go into my religious views right now (it`s complicated), but I will say that I absolutely believe in the power of prayer.  My prayers are almost always answered, and the few times they aren`t, there is a really good reason.

If you also believe in this power, please pray for my grandma.

My grandma was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is a wonderful, sweet woman and a good person. I don`t get to see her very often because she lives in Ohio.  They are doing surgery tomorrow to see how advanced it is.  So please just pray that the surgery goes well and that the prognosis is good.  I`d really appreciate it.  Her name is Alberta.

And if you ever need a prayer sent your way, just let me know.  We can always help each other, even when we feel helpless.


  1. Prayers for your grandma! Sorry to hear it, Em.

  2. Just said a prayer. I'll continue to pray throughout the week. I'm a 100% believer in the power of prayer. Please keep us updated!