Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Know your rights!

I was perusing the Internet when I stumbled on an article written by one of my favorite politicians, Ralph Nader. Even if you`re not a Nader fan, you still might want to check it out, especially if you`re planning on taking a flight any time soon. Airports around the U.S. have started using full body scanners as a security measure. While I`m all about being safe from terrorist attacks while on an airplane, I am not a fan of being doused with radiation, especially when the scanners went through very little safety testing. Many scientists are concerned that the radiation levels can significantly increase your chance of skin cancer.

Nader`s article lets you know what your rights are as a passenger.
Naked Insecurity

I`m going to opt of being scanned until the government can prove it`s safe, and even then, I might be wary. This is the same government that continues to allow parabens in makeup, after all.

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