Thursday, March 18, 2010


My whole life depends on a piece of paper. A piece of paper that I don't have, nor will have before my flight leaves on Tuesday. My plan now is to enter the country with a Letter of Guarantee, which says that my company is responsible for my ticket out of the country or my visa requirements. I called the Japanese Consulate in Atlanta to see if this would be okay, and they said probably not. So if I go with just this fucking letter, I might get deported or detained or something. I should not be expected to deal with this.

There is no way I can change the date of my flight--I checked--because Zack bought the ticket through a Japanese travel agency.

I'm just so sick of this whole situation. All I want to do is travel, and I've been blessed with the chance to do that in my life, but I just want it to be easier. Maybe I'm whining unnecessarily, but I just feel like my whole life is going to fall apart if I can't go back to Japan.

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