Thursday, September 3, 2009


Three weeks left on my tourist visa.

I need a plan.

I guess I've been eating really healthily lately because all I want to do is eat cake. But then again, that might have to do with reading all the entries in the Cake Wrecks blog. I can't tell if I've lost or gained weight since I've been here. It's been nice to have to walk every where--I know it sounds crazy but I really prefer it to driving. Less risk involved and my legs look like they did freshman year.

I've been writing everyday. Still barely scratching the surface.

All but one of our goldfish died. We finally bought a filter for the tank.

Waiting for books to come in the mail. Rereading Harry Potter because it's all we have in the house, but this time it's the British version. Scholastic felt the need to "translate" the books into American English so that the readers there would have to use less brain power.

I just keep thinking about watching fireworks over a lake this weekend and how nice it will be when I finally put my feet down somewhere and say, "This is home."

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