Tuesday, September 15, 2009

dun dun dun

Well, I've been getting more social lately which is great! The JET Program people (JETs for short) that live in this area are actually really fun. We also live near two people who work for the same company as Zack. We all went to dinner on Saturday night--an Australian, a half-Japanese/half-Texan guy, two Brits, a Canadian (I think), and a slew of Americans, mostly yankees. Besides the Texan, I've only met one other southerner here. There's supposed to be a guy who went to UGA teaching at a junior high in Ina, which is where I work, but he still hasn't emailed me. In a way I miss talking to people who know about where I'm from, but it's such a great opportunity to learn about other cultures! Plus, did I mention all the people we had dinner and drinks with are actually young 20 somethings? Yay! No babies in this crowd.

On Sunday, we went to Beautiful World Music Fest, a concert that started at noon and ended at 9 p.m. We got there about 3. It was in this beautiful park surrounded by mountains...I have to go back in the fall. It was a lot of fun, but the night got really chilly and we had to head out early.

It's already feeling like fall, which I guess it technically almost is. The temperature is about 60-70 degrees F at its high and 45-54 F at its low. Which is actually kind of like Georgia weather in the fall, but it stays hotter much, much longer there. So I'm going to try and buy some pants again. There have got to be pants that fit me!

I'm going to South Korea next week. Zack was going to go with me because he has vacation but he really wants to save money so decided against it. So I'm going alone. Michael Hernandez and Allison Nunziante are working there, so they're going to help me out with a place to stay and making sure I don't get lost in Seoul. I'm not all that worried about it. I'll keep my guard up and take care to not get lost. I have to ride a bus to get to Michael's apartment on my first day there but since my flight is coming in during the afternoon, I think I can handle it. I feel like a grown up.

And my company has agreed to give me a six-month contract, which is excellent news! That means that Zack and I will be able to sync up our schedules in March and hopefully find two day time jobs together. My boss still alternates between acting like a super bitch and acting nice, which is definitely the worst part of this job. I can suck it up for six months though.

I finished reading The Liars' Club by Mary Karr a couple days ago. I'm feeling very inspired to start work on my own memoir. I've been checking out grad schools to see what it will take to get in, and wow. The best schools for creative writing are dead serious about their programs. I have a lot of work to do, but now I'm happy because I have goals!

So that's life. I miss everybody!

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