Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a writer needs help

I feel that, so far, this blog doesn't really showcase my abilities as a writer or my voice. I'll work on that. I've been writing practically every day, which is a blessing. A new place is what I needed to get me out of my awful creativity/writer's block slump. I've started a few new pieces. I'm so scatterbrained it's hard for me to sit down and "finish" anything. I've got the beginnings of two novels and a multitude of material for new short stories and poems. I think I'll start posting all the contests and journals I want to submit to. Then, if you really love me, you'll make me feel extremely bad if I don't submit. That's what I need here, people. Accountability! Once I get my feet wet I should be able to start submitting of my own volition. But please help me get out there.

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