Thursday, July 9, 2009

why do i travel?

To hear a new bird singing in the morning.
To breathe air blowing in from the top of a mountain.
To look back on my life from far away, like it's a movie that I'm watching and analyzing and finding meaning in.
To communicate with people whose language I don't know, to feel a real human connection with my brothers and sisters in other parts of the world.
To know that there is some place different, a place better than the one I grew up in.
To dance and sing and stumble and laugh and learn that life isn't about being stuck, isn't about being trapped and stifled by where you were put on this planet. Life is about wandering, about getting lost and finding yourself again. Finding a new person standing in your place, a person stronger and more fulfilled than you ever could have been staying still. To stay still is to stagnate, to hinder growth and change. To let bad things fester, thoughts of hopelessness and boredom.
To stop waiting for something to happen.

Because I can.

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