Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I just found out that my only job lead is no longer a lead. The contract I was up for with Zack's company was taken over by a big corporation. :( That was the extent of my planning for Japan-well, that and buying a plane ticket. I'm not going to give up hope though. I was really sad earlier but now I'm bouncing back. I can and will get a job here if it's the last thing I do! My tourist visa doesn't run out until late September, so that's plenty of time to figure this whole get-a-job thing out. Now I have something to do while Zack's at work. Whatever happens, I'm just grateful to be in this amazing country and I plan on enjoying my time here.

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  1. Be persistent! It will work out. I know it might not be ideal, but don't be afraid to commute. There are lots of people here who end up commuting 2 hours or so a day--hopefully you won't have to do that, but just know its not out of the norm. Many people who work in Nagoya live in Gifu, so it's quite a trek.

    Also--you should read up on Japanese business practices while you're job hunting! I'm sure you already can tell but Japanese women are expected to be much more conservative than women in the U.S. All the girls at school who are job hunting all seem to have the same black suit with a white t-shirt underneath. Unfortunately, fitting in is pretty important in Japan, so you might want to try and conform as much as possible to those sorts of things.

    Anyway--good luck! I'll keep my ears open for any job opps that might pop up.