Sunday, August 29, 2010

matters of faith

I watched an excellent documentary this weekend that really got me thinking. And crying.

The documentary, called For the Bible Tells Me So, is about homosexuality and religion. It attempts to answer the questions, Does God really hate homosexuals? and Does the Bible really condemn homosexuality as an abomination?

Note: I can`t find Part 1 of the documentary any where online. Starting at Part 2 is still good though.

The film really highlights some of the major conflicts in Christianity, and many other religions, in today`s world. There are fundamentalists who interpret everything in their holy book literally (when it suits their needs), and there are other people who try to place the writings in context and apply the truths to their lives, though perhaps not in a literal way (since most people don`t view eating shellfish as an abomination, although it was during Biblical times).

It shows that not all Christians are the overly conservative, judgmental people that we see so often on television. There are also people who want to be tolerant and teach that God loves everybody; gay, straight, and ignorant alike.

I`ve only recently allowed myself to accept the fact that I believe in God. I`ve been afraid to admit my beliefs on more than one occasion because of how Christianity is perceived by many people today. It isn`t completely unlike the growing view of Islam today--fear of extremists, and thus, fear and hatred of the entire religion. There are Christian terrorists, who blow up abortion clinics and attack Muslims, and then there are people like Anne Lamott, whom I look up to as an inspiration.

The reason I believe in God is because it makes sense to me. To some people, the idea of God makes no sense.

The God that I follow is pure and total love. I don`t want to be judged by anyone, and I don`t want to judge. That`s not my job.

I love all of my friends, gay or straight, and so does God. That`s all I need to know.