Thursday, May 13, 2010


We`re hosting our first party in Japan tomorrow. I doubt it will be a party though; I`m guessing it will be more of a shindig, whatever that means (what are you digging your shins into exactly?). I`m really just having it so that I have an excuse to clean up everything and so that I can drink a little and not have to worry about walking in the cold or catching a train. And because I like our Chino/Suwa friends and want to show them a good time.

In other news, my laptop is on the brink of death. I think the water tumor I gave it two years ago has finally metastasized and is taking over its little hard drive. I feel kind of bad for it, but at least it can`t make sad R2D2 noises.

I started watching The Wonder Years again and I can`t believe how good it is. I remembered being deeply moved by it as a child, but I was also moved by Full House and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back then. It`s a relief to know that I wasn`t totally stupid as a little kid. Zack never watched The Wonder Years when he was younger, so I`m glad I can expose him to a TV show that doesn`t suck; a show that is inspiring even. When a TV show or movie is this good, it makes me want to write scripts. It makes me feel like there is hope in the world, that maybe all forms of entertainment aren`t completely useless. They make all the shitty reality TV shows and sitcoms with laugh tracks almost worth it just to be able to see these rare shining gems. The shows that I feel have achieved such greatness are The Adventures of Pete and Pete, My So-Called Life, The Wonder Years, and Freaks and Geeks. Amazing shows, mostly thanks to amazing writing.

One more class to go today, and then I am off to Weekend Land.

Note: I am typing on a Japanese keyboard; that`s why all of my apostrophes look so weird.

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