Thursday, October 1, 2009

Comfort Women

I keep thinking about the play we saw in Korea called Hotel Splendid and how terribly the "comfort women" were treated. One of the parts that made me cry the most was when an 11-year-old girl (yes, they enslaved girls that young and sometimes younger) was talking about sending a message in a bottle to America to come and save them. She said, "MacArthur will save us." Part of the beauty of the play was that it was entirely in Korean with subtitles projected onto a screen beside the stage. Well, today I found this article: It turns out that the American military made use of these "comfort stations," too. Here's another website where you can read some of the survivors' stories: It's sad, but so important to know about.

If World War II was indicative of what modern humanity is capable of, I hope I don't live to see World War III.

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